“I have been going to see Tanya for a number of years now.  She is a very special person, with amazing gifts of enlightenment.  When I have been for a session with Tanya I feel everything is always put into perspective and my body feels totally relaxed and rejuvenated.  She has this wonderful ability to know exactly what your body needs.

I highly recommend all her talents and services, you won’t be disappointed.”

JD – Lakeside , Capetown

“I met Tanya 6 years ago. I was gifted a session for a massage. Until then I had no idea what chromotherapy was all about. When Tanya explained how colour affected my world and how she applied this through massage and information, I  found it extremely interesting. As I am a bit of a skeptic I was not entirely sure how this would work. I had no idea that this session would change my life and provide me with so many tools to help overcome what I had to face in both past and present. There are no words to describe what Tanya means to me. I would be lost if it was not for her wisdom and non-judgemental approach towards finding peace in this very uncertain time we find ourselves in. “

Melanie B – Fishoek, Capetown

“Over the past 2 years Tanya has supported me in the path of self discovery and assisting my desire to finding my souls purpose. Besides my personal growth journey I have also benefited from Tanya’s beauty and therapeutic treatments, such as reflexology and massage. I appreciate the time and effort that she has taken  to research her products and uses only the best possible ingredients complimenting her unique treatments and gifts in every session we have shared. Tanya is a constant pillar of positive support and non-judgemental acceptance. I have found my confidence and learned to accept that I too have gifts that need to be acknowledged, work on and grown and honed into fine tools of personal growth for co-creating a life that adds to the greater good of all .

Thank you Tanya from the bottom of my heart.”

Colleen L-C – Noordhoek, Capetown 

“I have been a client of Tanya’s for many years. Her unique treatments are like no other. Her direct but gentle approach and calmness are an invitation to relax from the time one steps into her studio. I feel not only peaceful and soothed but wholly re-balanced and re-energized after a session. Tanya uses products of high quality and integrity. I can recommend her to anyone that seeks well-being for body, mind and spirit.”

Philippa C- Constantia, Capetown

“Our spiritual bodies are easily left behind and sadly neglected whilst we go about our daily tangible life. Tanya gently reminds us of our soul’s path and creates a safe space to journey, shining little lights along the path to guide us when we need it.”

Terry-Ann -Gardens, Capetown


“Tanya has facilitated such a deep physical, energetic and spiritual healing within me. Through her wisdom, intuitive council, soul coaching techniques and beautiful therapies I have been awakened to a new way of being. She has guided me down a magnificent path of understanding what it really means to be a divine being. Thank you Tanya for opening my senses to the multidimensional beauty of life.”

Amanda C- Claremont, Capetown

“Tanya is able to listen deeply without judgement and helps to unblock energy stuck in one’s body. She has the wisdom to see and explain what is going on within as well as how the environment impacts us. I value the way she gently challenges me to grow, to step out of my comfort zone and thrive, working towards a better me one step at a time. “

Astrid B- Newlands, Capetown