These series of treatments re-trains the way the cells communicate with one another to fortify and reawaken these new processes to form a strong foundation to work upon. When the cells are functioning optimally the skin will take on a youthful appearance rebuilding cellular structures that are able to hold and sustain more energy and youthfulness.


These treatments encourages the process whereby the functions of the skin are stimulated in such a way as to produce new and vital cells. The skin regains its youthfulness from the process of enhancing a brighter skin tone.


Gently removing what is no longer aligned or needed is a vital step to building stronger and more stable foundations. Detoxing and exfoliating will bring in clarity not only to the outer skin layers but to the inner cellular structures too.


Embracing the need to reduce stress by soothing the senses and naturally allowing cellular intelligence to align with neural pathways to improve the skins defence barrier and replenish the vital energy that the cells need to function optimally, are the benefits of these treatments.  


  • Pedicure¬† R350
  • Manicure R350
  • Lash tinting R120
  • Brow tinting R90
  • Eyebrow shaping or lip wax from R90