I choose to keep healing simple and sacred at all times ensuring ease in access to original divine blueprints and the unlimited potential of each individual. Simply everything in our world is energy and energy is vibration which is measured in frequencies. In my treatments we concentrate on bringing these frequencies to balance, relaxing the nervous system and uniting all the bodies’ energy with its innate wisdom of healing. The Earth has gifted us with many healing elements from which we can choose. I have chosen the integrated healing aromatics energies of (flowers, herbs and plants), colour (light) and crystals. They soothe, rebalance recalibrate and regenerate our fields in many unique ways.

Touch Therapy Treatments

Touch therapy begins on a physical level as it frees the body and mind from accumulated stresses and toxins, and triggers chemicals in the human body which directly affects our inner pharmacy. Touch is the physical interaction that at the deepest level engenders radical change in neuro-chemistry

With the use of intuitive energetic direction I use the transforming and high vibrational energy of Aromatherapy Oils, Crystals and Colour Essences to clear, activate,balance, harmonise and energize your body, mind and spirit.

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60 min - R600
75 min - R730

This is the art of massaging pressure points on the hands, feet and face to bring relaxation and balance to the body. By using the hands, feet and face as intuitive points to access the blockages that you are feeling which compress and congest the body, I help you release these to recalibrate the energy and induce relaxation, renewing vital life force and bringing clarity to the bodies.

All therapies are designed with the client in mind to give the correct balance of oils, essences and energetic elixirs to rejuvenate , renew and energize the skin cells . These treatments are designed to help on every level of clearing, activating and balancing the bodies to their natural harmony and homeostasis. High vibrational Facial oils and creams are made to order through SACREDWATERS product line.

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60 min - R600
75 min - R730

Energy Balancing and Recoding

Your body is your connection to the multiverse, diligently assisting you when you direct a course of action. Answers appear when you begin to search for them, both from inside and from the outside world. Synchronicities occur to draw your attention to something. When, against all odds, a series of personally meaningful events unfold in a timely, yet unusual, manner to shed light and profound insight on a situation, you are getting a glance into the splendour of the multi-layered world of significance. In the field of existence, time has no bounds; events are connected and enriched with the purposeful weavings of all forms of consciousness learning how to play the field.

There are many octaves in your voice but the original is that of sacred vibration. The tone of your voice determines the frequency of the energy. I believe that through hearing your voice clearly and without impediments of thought processes, the body can clear transcripts that are outdated and impress new codes through your voice of intention. This gives rise to freedom from the old paradigms and healing in between encoding new, higher and more loving codes in the bodies’ matrix.

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60 min R600

This therapy involves the decoding of old worn out patterns that are stored in the body and become habits or beliefs that no longer serve one.

By using a simple but very effective technique via the pineal activation and neurotransmitters through the body, we can help identify and release these patterns, encoding them with new and more beneficial beliefs to enhance the lives we are living. These techniques are accompanied by herbal and aromatic infusions of the highest energetic integrity to help support you as you dissolve the process of decoding and introduce the new belief.

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60 min - R600


Readings are defined as Intuitive information received from higher guidance to the client through specific questions and energetic pathways of information allowed through the participant (client) at the specific time. The information given is a guide to align with the highest good and greatest joy to the participant at the specific time of asking. The categories vary from yearly month to month or week to week guidance, relationships to career, health and wellbeing to life purpose.

These reading are done on a one on one basis either by Skype, call or in my studio. These are all paid in advance as most of these readings are accompanied with notes of the information being offered. Depending on the reading and duration of the information given the readings can take anything from 60 minutes to 2hours. This will be discussed on making your booking.

These readings are purely for the purpose of tapping into your potential in relation to a specific area/s of your life where you feel stuck or struggling to move forward or through a situation.

With the use of colour direction and intuitive response the process takes an hour. The potential we tap into gives rise to the potential to move forward with direction from choices given.

These readings can be done over Skype, telephonic or face to face

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A gentle and clear way to communicate your focus and potential for moving forward getting answers and guidance to your highest potential.

These readings are here to connect you to your inner cellular memories and give you access to innate information that is unique to you.

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A month to month forecast showing the potential of how to balance and harmonize your year and to get the best out of it. A wonderful tool to help you become more aware of the energies you are stepping into monthly and to help you access deeper wisdom on the path you follow. Using the cycles of nature to live your life to the fullest.

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Emailed only R1400

To receive greater understanding around circumstances and how to move forward with ease and clear direction.

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How to nurture your relationship/s to the next level receiving deeper understanding and a way forward. This gives you insight through numerology and colour about how to manifest more authentic relationships and guides you in the direction of your intentions.

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Life becomes a little easier to navigate when we know our gifts and how to use them for the greater good, allowing us to open to the receiving of abundance in all things

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What is remote healing?

In essence this is healing done at a distance where the healer and the client are not in the same room.
The healer or therapist connects to the clients energy systems through the bio-electromagnet fields of the body.

Why choose my remote healing sessions?

The unique healing available to me is that I work through specific patterns and colour within the bio-electromagnetic fields of the bodies. These specific techniques and formulas which utilize the subtle empowering energies of elements and intuitive guidance are used to help bring the bodies back to balance and harmony.

Through my sacred abilities to connect and see into your aura and multi-dimensional pathways, I can then help your bodies to relax, repair, re-calibrate and re-balance your templates (collection of cells within the energetic bodies) giving you exactly what it is needed at the time of your session.

I choose to keep healing simple and sacred at all times ensuring ease in accessing original divine blueprints with connection to your unlimited potential.

When we remain balanced and relaxed we are able to tap into the greatest gift we are given – to live our lives with love, peace and the deepest sense of joy, through the place of pure potential- the heart.

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Each session takes approximately
75 minutes at R730

Dedicated Sacred Programs

These programs are designed for those that are willing to walk true in their dedication to their lives and their connection to source. This is a programme designed to support and help you through the cycles of each consciousness change within the multiverse connected to your lessons on your path with purpose. By dedication to your life path and trust in the process of working with these light beings you will have access to information on a higher conscious level and daily access to help along your path. Here you will also receive monthly insights channelled to your purposeful living and guidance along your path of dedication. This is offered only to those that are dedicated to working with their guidance and their innate wisdom with sacred dedication and purpose. This programme is not for everyone. As you advance on understanding and trusting your path you become your own teacher and leader to your own true path.

Since my dedication to service to the evolutionary process of the humanity and Mother Earth through healing and wisdom, I have been honored to work with The Golden Templates of Sacred Light. This is an advanced healing programme set to align the multidimensional human to work with higher levels of consciousness and anchor this into their world. This programme is a contract and dedication to the way forward working within the natural cycles of your very own unique systems. Cycles can change up to anything from 4 days to 4 weeks depending on the rate of change within the templates.

These are a complex sequence of high vibrational components that help to connect the human body to the multidimensional beings that we are. In truth there are more templates than we could possibly count.

Each template connects and rewires us to assist us in

  1. Decoding emotional addictive patterns
  2. Creates space within the body cells
  3. To help with creating new encoded higher vibrational energy to connect us to our natural divine blue print and our pristine physical and multidimensional perfection
  4. Helps the body relax and work with the natural cycles of our multidimensional paths

Visually the templates each are assigned their very own high vibrational crystalline colour signature and resemble the visual closest to that of the mother board of a computer that oscillates at high frequencies of colours and sacred geometry. They are intricately connected to the nervous system of the human body through a very complex wiring system.

When there is ill health or unease in the body due to stress and/or anxiety and change, the templates become unhinged or disturbed and some components become frazzled/burnt out – this is felt in our nervous system as compression, depression and or paralysis.

Each treatment can be done remotely (distant healing) or one on one and takes approximately 1hour depending on the state of the templates or the emotional state of the client at the time of treatment.

Each healing is assisted by the Collective of the Golden Templates and highly effective in releasing, recalibrating and relaxing the wholeness of the Human.

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These programmes are varied, therefore price is on request.