Facial Balance And Restoration:

Encourage the elimination of toxins and improve pore health. Bring back a healthy glow between-seasons. Emphasis is placed on the use of highly active antioxidants aimed at addressing sun-damage, brightening skin tone, and neutralising the effects of pollution. A combination of actives that work synergistically to reduce excess sebum, treat breakouts and calm redness and inflammation. This targeted treatment deeply hydrates and draws in other actives to directly address the concerns associated with premature and general ageing.

Duration 1 hour

Body Massage Restoration:

Encourages flushing with therapeutic massage techniques. With the use of botanicals and specific techniques the ingredients work with the cellular structures of the skin to release as the massage is being performed. The detoxing of the body is gentle and the softening of the muscles and surrounding tissue are done so as to re-inforce health and wellbeing as relief is felt through the release of toxic build up.

Duration 1 hour

Refelxology And Meridian Restoration:

This treatment targets the release of any meridian that is blocked and organs that are being held in a stress position for long periods of time. This is a wonderful treatment to add with your facial or body treatment to support and accelerate the process. A wonderful treatment as an ongoing treatment to release stress on all levels. We assist the meridians to function at their optimum levels of energy and giving detailed advice on homecare and lifestyle changes to enhance optimum function of the body.

Duration 1 hour


A time of flow, unearthing, water + wind, new growth, a return to the sun, freshness, dew, innocence, an array of yellow greens + sky blues.