Facial rejuvenation and toning

This treatment is designed to enhance the penetration from probiotic and botanical actives to restore the skins vitality and promote collagen and elastin formation. This treatment has a strong relaxing effect on facial muscles, reducing wrinkles by relaxing the skin. It’s seen in the application of topical formulas that can easily penetrate the skin, inhibiting contractions in subcutaneous muscles. This visibly reduces the appearance of expressions lines. Results visible 2 hours after treatment. It has an overall smoothing effect on the skin.

This treatment Promotes firmness and elasticity, revives and invigorates, delays visible signs of ageing and brightens skin tone.

Duration 75 minutes

Additional Exclusion mask application R200

Body Massage Rejuvenation

For signs of sagging skin and loss of collagen.This treatment stimulates lipolysis, improves circulation, improves skin tone and texture, prebiotics and probiotics boost T-junction formation giving a firmer, smoother appearance to the skin.

Duration 1 hour

Reflexology And Meridian Rejuvenation

Using specific techniques, botanicals and massage pressure points to stimulate and increase the circulation effectively boosting the metabolism which in turn boosts the vitality and youthfulness to the body and emotional well-being. We assist the meridians to function at their optimum levels of energy and giving detailed advice on home care and lifestyle changes to enhance optimum function of the body.

Duration 1 hour


The cycle of winter beckons many wonderful things including cold weather. Protecting and nourishing the skin structures is of paramount importance. We find the tendency to cover up and stay inside an excuse to ignore our skin and body care. This is a cycle to watch out for the attitudes of self-destruction and self sabotage..

Deep cleaning and getting down to doing the very best you can with what you have is the order of this cycle. Nourishing and nurturing your skin and bodies are paramount in harmonising and balancing the fine-tuned frequencies that make you and your world tick over. Enjoy the crisp winter mornings and long winter nights.

Get the wood out and  warm woollies, light that fire and celebrate your life in conjunction with this beauty filled planet we call our home.