Facial Regeneration And Stimulation:

This facial aids with intense hydration to deeply penetrate the skins surface to plump out fine lines from the inside. Probiotics and botanicals restore the barrier of the skin ensuring moisture is locked in. This is a regeneration treatment especially for those whose skin becomes inflamed, over sensitive and reactive to outside stimulants and hormonal changes. Over time there is improvement in hydration, reduction in trans-epidermal water loss, tissue damage repair, reduction in itching and inflammation and improvement in skin texture. In time this facial regulates melanin production and transfer to the skin’s surface. By addressing uneven skin tone, photo-ageing, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and calming hormonal inflammation. 

Duration 1 Hour

Body Massage Regeneration:

A gentle awakening for the body. The regeneration process starts with light exfoliation and replenishing the moisture content lost through over stimulation and heating within and outside the body. This is an ideal treatment to replenish moisture loss and regain plumpness to the skin cells. This also as with all the treatments in this service, restores the skin barrier function. This helps to comfort and aid in balancing the hormonal changes of any age.

Duration 1 hour

Reflexology And Meridian Regeneration:

With the assistance of specific product formulations and botanicals including the balancing through colour therapy, we assist the meridians to function at their optimum levels of energy and giving detailed advice on homecare and lifestyle changes to enhance optimum function of the body. This helps to comfort and aid in balancing the hormonal changes of any age.

Duration 1 hour


A time of high energy, heat, sunshine, socializing, fruits + flowers, abundance, vibrant colors—orange, yellow, pinks, and reds.