The bio diversity of each region of our landscapes can give us insights into what to do to take care of our own bodies. We have a great resource to draw from when we watch the scenes presented to us by mother nature. Generally, in Southern Africa we have a multi-verse of different weather changes from rainy wet and cold in the Western cape to the extremes of Frosty, icy cold clear blue sky kinda’ days in the Gauteng Provence. Milder weather along the eastern shores and extremes of dry, cold temperatures in the Karoo.  No matter where we are and what weather we are experiencing we have the opportunity to take care of ourselves just as mother nature can.

Winter in general is a time to slow down and begin a little introspection. The longer nights and shorter days give us time to curl up by the warm hearth and ponder our lives with purposeful directives. It gives us a chance to learn from our stories and begin new ones in a way that reflect our evolution. Our bodies need more attention and now is the perfect time to restore the skin and feed it. Layering products is the best way in which to do this and even though we are in cooler states of weather change we still need to guard against wind and sunburn. As each plant is unique each skin and person is. I have said before no one formula works for everyone. Your skin is unique as each grain of sand. Taking time to make the appropriate evaluation of your skin and the energetic barriers it needs to formulate in order to protect, restore and remain ultimate functioning regular assessments are necessary and vital to our health and wellbeing. These should be a nurturing habit and one that ultimately is done with enthusiasm. After all your skin hold its very own love story. I would be honored to assist you in holding a love story that brings delight, joy and ultimately bliss to your world. TLC

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