There comes a time in our lives when we need to make more informed decisions about the way in which we contribute to our lives. Leaving your foot print is a real thing. Teaching those that around us to make more informed choices and strive for a world that brings more balance harmony and peace are things most of us want. What choices are you making each day to add to the development of others, cleaning up the environment and of course making sure that you are self-caring in ways that add to the love of mother earth.

A very good friend of mine introduced me to ESSE SKINCARE about 2years ago . I am elated that there are companies in our world that offer such high integrity products and in doing so add to the world in ways far beyond just making the product available for us to use.

I believe that when we make a difference by adding to the prosperity and abundance to the world in ways that are integrase all things seem to fall into place. ESSE SKINCARE products each day reveal more and more of their high quality energetic formulations to me as I work on myself and my clients in ways that go far beyond just the physical. I have seen how the skin cells change their range of frequency by applying the correct formulations and pairings of the products in treatment and prescriptions that is unique to the individual.

If you would like your unique prescriptions and enhance your cellular integrity as well as add to the love, harmony and balance of mother earth and our environment in ways that go far beyond just the physical then I urge you to make time for yourself and start working from a space of more developed heightened awareness. TLC

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