I am most certainly a morning person. I love the sound of the bird song in the morning and the cool fresh air that greets me as I open my door to the morning light. These are some of my favorite things. I do know that I make up a small percentage of people in my group that love this time of the day and possibly the only one that still gets up early every day whether it be weekend or week day. From an early age I knew that making the morning count was a good thing to do. I started making sure that I made the beginning of my day count rather than wondering what happened to it at the end. Life has a sneaky way of catching one off guard throwing us curve balls that could start coming from any direction. Looking for structure and stability are always a high priority on my list so a simple daily routine was a good place to start. A daily routine which I could follow with a step by step process would assist me in finding discipline and clarity to focus on the rest of my day. Here are a couple of things that have stuck with me since I can remember.

  1. Gratitude – waking up with a prayer of thanks makes my heart sing and soul smile
  2. Breathing in fresh air gives a greater sense of being alive – after all without it we would be dead!
  3. Drinking a glass of clear clean water first thing in the morning ensures flushing out toxins and healthy digestive movement-  elimination is one of the best ways to get your body moving
  4. Skin cleansing – splashing ones body and face with clean clear tepid water awakens the senses and invigorates the nerve endings
  5. Moisturising – this acts a protection just like shield against the daily bombardments of the world. Using one with no chemicals and eco friendly – like ESSE , is a great start!!
  6. Ginger, lemon and honey tea make for a good combination to boost the immune system and is a great alternative to caffeine.

Whatever routine you choose make the most of your early morning. Getting up a little earlier will allow for a gentler start to the day. Rushing never got anyone closer to their goal. Knowing what your purpose is for the day would be a better place to start than end.TLC

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