When we live in a world that disregards the human body as anything but sacred we as a species  are in trouble.

We are in trouble of losing the very essence of what being human is all about. Sacredness is an innate feeling we as humans have deep within every cell of our bodies. When we value our possessions or careers more than our hearts and souls we have become less human and more genetically modified in the very way that makes us non-human. Our vital permanent seed atom stores information that allows us to intelligently communicate with every cell in our entire body. If you are like me and can see beyond just the physical you will understand that this intelligence is the very heart of God source.  Each cell has vital information stored within  in order to communicate with a range of other cellular structures. This allows for the navigation and functions of those cells to interact and work with each other to preform tasks that we take for granted.  With the bombardment of Low Electromagnetic Frequencies(LEF) we compromise our barrier functions. This barrier is our skin. Our first line of defense against these waves that come at us from every angle and pulse into our energy systems over and over again. Dreaded diseases are on the rise and our bodies are fighting to stay alive. Choosing high integrity products and food are of paramount importance and this is why I have chosen to use ESSE products in all my treatments and healing modalities.

The functions of ESSE products are to get your cells talking to one another more efficiently thereby bringing back on line the chain of cellular intelligence and the management of  the immune responses. The microbiome is there to improve the barrier functioning and to reduce aging as well as encourage restoring the microbiome so that the skin in not compromised in any way and can continue to function at optimal levels.

One thing to note with using the ESSE range is that there are no other products on the market in the world that work with live pro and prebiotic phase in the way they do. Adding other ranges to the ESSE skincare range is not recommended because any form of chemical will compromise the skins barrier and destroy useful microbiome and barrier function. Chemicals and sun destroy the microbiome of the skin enabling the efficiency of the immune responses and the microbiome. Learning to know your inner and outer architecture is of paramount importance in the world we are learning to survive in. I encourage through my skin and body treatments to connect with this sacred space you call your body and start to use it to thrive in a world that will support that when you learn the value of your sacredbeing. (

It would be worth our while to treat our bodies with more respect and value each living cell with more worth than the new pair of shoes or fancy new phone  we seem to think we cannot live without. When we are ill and cannot wear those designer shoes or need medicine and cannot purchase this because we you invested in the possessions we feel are prized above our health we will think again. TLC

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