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your purpose is to anchor your
love and live it

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imagery is the doorway to healing

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self-care is part of your natural divine blue print

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crystals are receivers of knowledge and givers of healing

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you must know that you are priceless

Tanya Lee CollopThe Sacredness of Being


I have been in the health and beauty industry for the past 30 plus years and have had extensive experience teaching, applying and learning the art of Holistic inner and outer well-being. I am qualified in the field of colour therapies, crystal therapies, herbal therapies, aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and energy work. I have formulated treatments of a high standard that help heal and balance my client’s energy and induce relaxation.

My love for aromatherapy, holistic therapies and the cycles of Nature allowed me to observe the dire need to help people move closer to their divine purpose and truth, transforming their lives to create and imprint their greatness in their world. When we remain balanced and relaxed we are able to tap into the sacredness of this gift we are given that is to live our lives with love, peace and the deepest sense of joy, through the place of pure potential- the heart.

My clients have been my greatest teachers and for them I am truly honored and grateful for all the love and respect, faith and support they place in my treatments and in me as their therapist. I am always humbled and honoured to serve in this way.


"Simply everything in our world is energy and energy is vibration which is measured in frequencies. In my treatments we concentrate on bringing these frequencies to balance , relaxing the nervous system and uniting all the bodies’ energy with its innate wisdom of healing.

I use a 3 fold process in my treatments. These include the spiritual value of touch, sacred voice harmonics and natures gift in the subtle empowering energies of aromatic oils, colour and sacred earth elements.

The Earth has gifted us with many healing elements from which we can choose. I have chosen the integrated healing energies of aromatics (flowers, herbs and plants), colour (light) and crystals. They soothe, re-balance re-calibrate and regenerate our fields in many unique ways.

I choose to keep healing simple and sacred at all times ensuring ease in access to original divine blueprints and the unlimited potential of each individual."